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Tutoring Service Company

challenge-bot is an introductory robotics workshop where you will learn how to build a robot (and yes, you get to keep it after you’re finished!). You will learn about electronics and programming real, physical things.

No prior experience with wiring, code, or mechanical assembly is required.

We guide you through assembling the robot, wiring its components together, and programming it to use its motors and sensors to do things like moving on its own. By the end of the workshop, you will see robotics as something you can do, including extending and customizing your robot on your own.

We want you to start asking (and answering) questions about the electronics you own. “How does it do that?” and “How could I make something that does that?” We want to empower you to apply your curiosity and creativity to make the things you wish existed in the world.

Email info@learnika.com if you’re interested!