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Intro to Coding with Scratch

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What is Scratch?

We use Scratch, a beginner-friendly programming language that allows students to quickly see and apply concepts in their own animations, stories, and games. Even if you have some experience, we recommend starting here. The focus is on creative exploration, which makes it easy to continue learning at your own pace.

Students will:

  • Learn by doing through a variety of independent and collaborative work
  • Create projects according to their own interests
  • Receive instruction in new concepts and techniques as needed to stay challenged at the right level
  • Develop mastery in fundamentals used across all programming languages, such as algorithms, variables, conditionals, loops, events, and functions
  • Be empowered to explore, modify, and create things on their own, even after the class is over

iCode Programs:

Learnika’s Palo Alto Tutoring Center Program

Classes are held at our center in Palo Alto for FREE on Sundays from 10:00am – 11:15am.

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After School Programs

Students must be enrolled at the respective school:

What Students Had to Say

I really like the Scratch class because it’s just really fun and it’s helping me learn more about coding.

– Lilly, 3rd grader

My favorite part of coding class was, well, the coding! I usually don’t have a lot of time to do coding, so it was nice to finally have time to code and do stuff on the computer… I made an MP3 player on Scratch.

– Danielle, 5th grader

I liked that I had a lot more time to code and I learned a lot more code, so I can do things on Scratch better. I want to learn how to code Python and JavaScript. I made a project where there are four balls that are bouncing around the screen and changing colors when they collide.

– Eric, 5th grader

Age and Fluency Requirements

Scratch is specially designed to be easy to use. However, students must be able to use a mouse and read fluently on their own. Grades 2 and up generally have no problem. If you’re not sure, the best way to see is to go to scratch.mit.edu and give it a try!

The code.org Hour of Code sequence also covers similar material to the first part of this class.

For older students, even Harvard’s CS50 takes advantage of Scratch as a jumping off point. The more you know already, the more you’ll be able to do (math, algorithms, simulations) in Scratch before moving onto another language. Otherwise, we do offer classes beyond the intro level in Scratch, Java, Python, and more.

Email info@learnika.com for more information or to register.