Learnika Goes Live!

Country presentation 2015A lot has been happening here at Learnika. School just got out, and now summer camp is in full swing. The kids are having a blast dancing, drawing, singing, coloring, ¡todo en español! It’s incredible to see how much they pick up in a week. Just last Friday they put on a splendid performance complete with dancing and some eye-opening presentations about Latin American countries – did you know that 80% of Costa Rica’s gets exported to Starbucks?

What else is new? Get coding this summer with challenge-bot – a robotics workshop where your kid will take away not only creative inspiration, but his or her own fully functional robot, built from the ground up! Spaces are limited – sign up now.

Last but not least, as you may have noticed, we’ve got a brand new website. We’re going for a smoother, more modern design. Stay tuned to learnika.com for further updates, offerings, events, info, and more.